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      I recently updated the F-Stop paid app and most (but not all) of my photos appear to have lost all their tags. I don’t know if it was the update that did it, but I don’t want to go back and tag 5000 photos again.
      – The options I have selected are “Include videos”, “Sidecars for non-JPG”, “Use preview images”, and I have recently tried creating a protected album (but its one picture was not affected).
      – “Update metadata from disk” does not seem to restore the tags, but triggered a “scanning media” background process which is currently running (slowly).
      – (update to the previous, scanning media finished, I went back to the Tags view and nothing has changed. Another “scanning media” has started in the meantime)

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      Jason Seelye


      I don’t understand how updating to the paid app would have affected your tags at all. The free app just looks for the key to unlock features and remove ads. Did you uninstall the free version first?

      By default, F-Stop saves all the tags and ratings to its internal database only. This is how the free version works as well. When a file has changed tag and rating information, we overlay an “Update Metadata” icon on the image.
      Update Metadata Icon

      Please see the following page for more details on how we handle metadata:

      From the options you mentioned, you do not have the option “Autosave” checked which would require you to save them to disk. This is accomplished by going to the “Update metadata” link from the navigation drawer, selecting the files to to update and selecting “Save metadata” from the menu.

      I am not sure why full scanning was triggered for you by just updating one file. If this is repeatable, would you be willing to install a test version of F-Stop so we can log what is happening?

      Jason Seelye

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      Hello Jason,

      Thank you for the quick reply!
      To clarify, I have the paid app key, as well as the free version installed. I updated the app from version 3.1.4 to 3.2.0

      Autosave seems to be the option I was looking for to prevent losing tags, thank you for the tip.I don’t see what would have wiped the internal database but I guess I’ll have to retag the pictures.

      I’m not sure why the media scan happened either, but I’ve activated autosave now so I’ll be on the lookout for when it starts again.

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