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      I don’t buy many apps, but this one I bought after half an hour. It’s super. Thank you for creating it.

      I have one problem though. When displaying images grouped by date, the group heading uses the American time format. Is there a way to set the time format the way I want?

      If there is no such setting, as I suspect after searching high and low for it, I would like to ask if it can be added. This may seem like a small thing, but it actually makes the user that is used to another format *think* all the time. “Wait now, am I using the app with the foreign time format? How was it, I get that the last thing is the year, but was it day or month that came before that?”. Is 6/4/17 April 6 or June 4? If you aren’t used to it, it’s very confusing.

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      Jason Seelye

      There is no option to set the time format. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I can see how this can be confusing/frustrating. We will put it this on our todo list.

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      Thank you. 🙂

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      Hi, Is this ability to change date format likely to get off the to-do list and be implemented anytime soon? It is preventing me from recommending F-Stop to my photographer friends as this is actually really annoying to non American date format users like us Brit’s. After 4 years I am surprised this has not been resolved, makes me wonder how active the support and development really is. 😕

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      Please allow selecting multiple formats in options i personally like to have month as letters (not numbers) e.g. December 10 2022 or Dec 10 2022

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