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      1. Let’s say you made a typo when tagging an image, so open the image with the incorrect tag
      2. Tag the image with the correct tag, and remove the incorrect one
      3. Now no images are using the incorrect/misspelled tag

      However, F-Stop will still show that tag in the list, which can be quite frustrating.

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      You helped me yestarday, now it’s my turn…
      If you select see your pictures by tag instead of by folder and touch the “three points” botton ther’s the option edit tags, there you can edit or delete any tag in the aplication.

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      @hoplitas – correct, you can edit or delete tags FOR THAT IMAGE, but if a tag no longer has any images associated with it, FStop can’t remove that tag from its database.

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      Jason Seelye

      Yes, tags can be removed as well. Go to the tag view and select the menu item “Edit tags” like hoplitas explained. Once there you will see a list of all your tags. You can then select “Remove unused tags” from the menu in that view.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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