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      Jason Seelye

      It is possible and on our to-do list. They are very useful and I use them myself. The Metadata Working Group also has a specification that I prefer more:

      Click to access mwg_guidance.pdf

      I suppose we would investigate both when we implement.

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      I’m glad to hear it’s on your to-do list! I hope you do see fit to implement the MS tags too, it looks like a similar structure so it might not be too much work to support the different tag names and namespaces.

      In the meantime, I’ve been using exiftool with -s "-Subject<RegionPersonDisplayName" -out %d%f.xmp *.jpg to run through them all extracting the names into tags in sidecar .xmp files. If you do add support, I can then just delete those xmp’s!

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      Jason Seelye

      Very interesting solution. I would like to hear more about your workflow if you don’t mind.

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      Sure. My canonical store of photos is held in Windows Photo Gallery 2012. One of my main requirements for photo management is that all the metadata be held (or at a minimum, auto-synced) to the photos themselves; there must be no separate database which, if not backed up, or if the associated software is no longer usable, results in a loss of metadata. I put a lot of work into tagging and organizing my photos, and do not intend to lose it.

      I was very pleased to discover f-stop could read and make use of metadata embedded in photos, so this means that I can simply copy the folder with all the .jpg files in onto an SD card to make it available on my tablet or phone. The limitations, for me, are:
      1) It does not support hierarchical tags (so my tags tend to end up looking like “Sports/Scuba/Coral” or similar (but at least it plays nicely with search)
      2) Captions are difficult to view
      3) No support for people tags, not even for search.

      Number 3 was the only really irritating one, so after making the request here I spent some time figuring out how to get exiftool to help. I don’t use .xmp files, so I was happy to use them for this purpose; I’d rather not modify the photo files themselves, it makes sync a problem.

      So, my current procedure for updating my album on tablet is:
      1) Put SD card from tablet into PC
      2) Use FreeFileSync to copy any new photo files from the album folder onto the card.
      3) Run little batch file which deletes all .xmp files and uses the exiftool command I mentioned above to regenerate them (just in case I’ve updated the people tags of existing photos – but this is rare)
      4) Put SD card back into tablet

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      Jason Seelye

      Very nice. May I ask why you don’t use Picasa? I find its face recognition is very good. I do wish it supported hierarchical tags, though. I too use the forward slash as a separator for these tags. We do plan on supporting hierarchical tags in the future.

      I get around the lack of face recognition by selecting all images with the person tag and adding a regular tag with People/[Persons name].

      I sync using the app FolderSync so I don’t have to do anything manually when tags change.

      Thanks for sharing your workflow! It helps in improving F-Stop. Additionally, sending these suggestions to our support email address ( helps us prioritize features. Not many people request hierarchical tags and so it gets low priority even though I like and use it.

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      At the time I evaluated, Picasa was simply not as good. It was slower, and had a worse UI. Both in terms of aesthetics (in my purely personal opinion) and simple functionality for tagging, organizing and viewing. It also felt rather pushy about sharing.

      Windows Live Photo Gallery may be abandoned, I don’t know, it’s certainly been a long time since it was last updated, so I’d be prepared to evaluate competitors again – but if Picasa doesn’t support hierarchical tags that rules it out immediately.

      For F-Stop, though, I would regard hierarchical tags as nice-to-have, rather than essential. This is because I am only using it as a viewer/browser. I will not be performing any organization or tagging tasks on my tablet, the PC is far better suited to that.

      I did actually want to have “Person/<name>” tags like you suggest, but I couldn’t get exiftool to do that! It would work for a single tag, but multiples ended up comma separated like “Person/Adam, Ben, Claire” or similar. Not much use. So it’s just a soupy mess of tags; but given that there’s no hierarchical view anyway it doesn’t matter much, the tags are good for searching, not so much browsing. Still, it was important to me that these converted tags are only on the Android copy, not actually applied to the master copy, and essential that the process be automatic.

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      since three years are gone and you stated back then that implementation of the XMP-mwg-rs standard for face tags is on your todo list I wanted to ask about the current status. Is that still on your roadmap somewhere?

      All my photos have face tags written by Picasa and I noticed that the current version of your app doesn’t recognize them.

      To be clear: I do not expect the implementation of face recognition (that would be awesome!), but the option of showing and manual setting those face area tags. The way digiKam does that should be good enough.

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