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      Sarath Chandran

      AND” “OR” operators must be substituted with “+” “” operators

      If we want to search HOLIDAYS +FAMILY -LONDON
      will show results of all HOLIDAY photos , FAMILY photos but not holiday spent in LONDON

      another eg : FLOWERS – ROSE -JASMINE -ORCHID
      shows all flowers but not rose jasmine and orchid
      another eg : PARTY +FRIENDS -FAMILY
      shows all party photos and friends photos but not family photos

      This would be a great handy feature.

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      Yes, that’s a great feature.. DEVELOPER must take this feature into account.. those two new operators will be really good

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      Really appreciate that idea.. that would be a great feature..

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      Anaz Khan

      I would appreciate f stop gallery, is they can introduce this feature. I think this feature will be really great and this will save a lot of time in browsing the pictures

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      Kerala Models

      Please.. please please. Ad this feature , thats a mindstorming feature

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      I’m kind of baffled how this isn’t a feature yet. It has been years and we still only have logical operators to include photos but not exclude.

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      This absolutely should be implemented.

      Does anyone with Fstop ever read or comment on these threads? I’m new to the forum and have only searched for a couple desired features, and how too’s.

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      If a NOT operator and brackets was supported this would not be an issue. E.g. “FAMILY” AND (NOT “FRIENDS). But the ability to exclude items in searches by some means is important, but seems to have been ignored for at least 2 years. I am sure you are busy, but is there any hope of you looking at this? Many thanks.

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      Please add a proper search syntax with all the basic search operators that are common for decadea like + – * () and keywords/fields like date: tag: exif: file: dir: album: …

      Plus: This should not only work in the search input box but also in the filter input box.

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      Are there AND & OR operators currently i can’t find any documentation on it. Can you tell me where and how i can use them?

Viewing 9 reply threads
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