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      Sarath Chandran

      AND” “OR” operators must be substituted with “+” “” operators

      If we want to search HOLIDAYS +FAMILY -LONDON
      will show results of all HOLIDAY photos , FAMILY photos but not holiday spent in LONDON

      another eg : FLOWERS – ROSE -JASMINE -ORCHID
      shows all flowers but not rose jasmine and orchid
      another eg : PARTY +FRIENDS -FAMILY
      shows all party photos and friends photos but not family photos

      This would be a great handy feature.

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      Yes, that’s a great feature.. DEVELOPER must take this feature into account.. those two new operators will be really good

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      Really appreciate that idea.. that would be a great feature..

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      Anaz Khan

      I would appreciate f stop gallery, is they can introduce this feature. I think this feature will be really great and this will save a lot of time in browsing the pictures

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      Kerala Models

      Please.. please please. Ad this feature , thats a mindstorming feature

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      I’m kind of baffled how this isn’t a feature yet. It has been years and we still only have logical operators to include photos but not exclude.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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