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      Samsung galaxy note II, android 4.4

      Occasionally – though it’s happened twice this week already – my phone’s SD card will show as empty to everything but the ‘percentage filled’ bar of it’s file manager, usually after adding more files to it via MTP (a less than desirable fallback, due to 4.4’s new SD card permissions…). A quick unmount/mount solves this, but after a scan, f-stop shows all my (painstakingly curated) albums as being empty.

      Now I think about it, this also happened on my previous phone – a HTC Sensation, running 2.3, then cm10, which had images, and other files, synced to it’s SD card over WiFi, rather than MTP – but less often than has been the case.

      Still, once everything’s been mounted and scanned, I’d expect the albums to be repopulated, seeing as all the files that were there previously are back in place, and f-stop stores all it’s settings on the internal storage…

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      Jason Seelye


      Sorry for this issue. Once F-Stop sees the storage empty and then sees files again it starts a new scan and albums and unsaved metadata are lost. Please try using “Offline mode” in Settings>Main so that F-Stop remembers files during these events.

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