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      I love this app.. My only prob is viewing folders in grid view without always having the additional ‘previews’ of 3 more thumbs of images from the folder showing. This started after the first time I chose ‘enhanced list view’ …Flipping to ‘list’ view’ is ok, back to ‘grid’ view.. nope..still enhanced.
      ‘large icons’ view is always ok (not enhanced), back to grid, still enhanced. Back to ‘list view’ ..fine. Back to ‘grid’ Round and round, rebuilt / deleted caches, rebooted (lg stylo), ‘grid’ has *never* returned without the enhanced view.

      Other than this small but maddening problem, I’m extensively using metadata in various forms, saving trick preview zooms, have setup series of custom albums and nested folders using multiple tags, dates, etc for display… In short, this thing is amazing!

      Perhaps I’ve just missed a little something, but I’ve looked everywhere!

      Holding my breath.. turning blue… ..Help!
      Bob Crash

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      Jason Seelye

      Interesting. I just checked and it works fine on my devices. Are you using F-Stop from Google Play or Amazon?

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        From Google Play.. Installed ver 4.6.3 few weeks back, upgraded to pro thru G Play, no probs. Running Android 6.0 w/security patch 7-1-2016 update. Bone stock setup, nothing too special on it. All my pics reside on sd card, a couple of gigs worth for testing for now. No probs with folders, etc thru F Stop or TCmdr as my goto file app on the stylo. Version of the stylo is the 2gig mem. I’m an IT consultant and old guy, so not much clutter on it.

        Only got onto this prob last night while playing around. Constantly play around with diff things to try to get it to revert back, like changing opening display, etc, etc. Pics are in abt 10 subdir’s off one folder on root of sd card (BPics).. no spaces in names.. Everything else (that I’ve tried) works as I’ve worked thru the tutorials. Added and deleted 4 or 5 subdirs now since this started.. doesn’t affect it.

        Only thing else was one photo subdir that stopped showing abt a 100 jpgs.. just one (first one) listed.. but files were there under TC. Some had capitalized ‘.JPG’ so I just fixed that on my PC set and deleted, the subdir, reloaded it from PC. Didn’t really look deep abt it at all. That was well before the grid prob showed up. I don’t see a connection, but just FYI. Hard to believe THAT made any diff. Still coming up to speed with experimenting with all the pro stuff in it to organize.. So impressive in it’s layers of abilities and versatility to allow me to do custom presentations without changing my basic folder (old school??) storage system…lol..

        email me if you want me to try things but not load up your forum.. Thanks for quick reply!

        Bob Crash

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      BTW, a bit more comment on my previous one. When I added some new subdirs from PC to same root folder on sd card (with diff folder names, files in them), they happily showed up in the grid few, along with 4 new preview icons made correctly from the new folders! It would be a cool choice (like ‘enhanced grid view’) if it could be toggled off.
      I was sad to hear you can’t dupe the behavior on your end.

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      Could you please send us (by email) a short video of the issue. I know, what you wrote, sound like it doesn’t need more explanation, but sometimes, we see things that can help us in video.


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