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      Yes, we added ads to F-Stop.

      I know that for a lot of people this may be a controversial decision. Since then we have received a lot of negative reviews on Play Store where people complain about having to view ads int the app.

      I get it, I really do. Nobody likes the ads. I don’t either.

      The reason I am writing this post is to get some answer from all these people with negative reviews. The point is that we tried not to put ads into the app for 10 years (yes, it’s been about that long), more than most galleries and other apps.

      Maybe causal users haven’t noticed but app landscape has changed recently, apps are purchasing fake reviews, which makes it hard to compete with them if you are not doing the same.

      Additionally Google is constantly adding new changes to which we must adhere, this takes time and usually doesn’t bring any benefit to the user (except maybe privacy).

      Another thing is that apps can’t charge for new versions of the app. So you basically buy an app for $5 and get lifetime updates. Even though I am sure most users like that, for developers that’s usually not sustainable. If there are not enough new users, we can’t keep adding new features to the app. Simple as that, as we also have to pay the bills. It’s not a hobby.

      Development of the app came to a point that is wasn’t sustainable any more, we had a simple choice to either stop adding features or introduce the ads. As we have big plans with F-Stop we decided the later was better choice, even if we lose some users in the process.

      And to all those who rate us one star… do you demand your plumber to work for you for free? Do you go to shop and expect the food to be free? Do you work for free? How is this different? We could have just remove the free version and give the option of paid one. Would that be better for you?

      And lastly what would you do in this situation? I honestly want to hear some good advice. We may change our position.

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