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      I can’t use my usb otg stick on my G4 under Android 6 to watch photos and videos with f-stop!
      Could you please check this behavior?

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      Jason Seelye

      Sorry, that is currently not a supported feature.

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      Before i upgrade from 5.1 to 6.0 f-stop pro works perfectly with usb sticks!
      Goggle has changed the way usb sticks are mounted to the filesystem and introduced new permissions.
      Some filemanagers support this by this time, but only the stock gallery on my G4.
      F-Stop Pro is the most impressive app to manage and view photo gallerys, which i handle between acdsee pro on my pc and the android devices.
      I hope you can fix this in the future, so i can use f-stop pro again on MM devices!
      With regards

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      Also after upgrading to version 4.8.1 i can’t include any directory on a otg stick!
      Only root path of the otg stick is shown! No subfolder!
      Testet on LG G4 Android 6.0 !
      On a Samsung Tab S2 under 6.0.1 everything is ok! I can select subfolders on the otg stick, when i add directories to include!
      What’s the difference? Only android version should effect this?
      With filemanagers i can do all the things on 6.0 which i can also do on 6.0.1!
      Any idea?

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