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      Hi, I just started with the app, and bought it specifically for for nested folders. So far, I really like what I’m seeing. I use the camera to take pics for reference on lots of different job sites and components, each of which has it’s own folder with sub-folders. So, let’s say I’m looking at the “Bridge Construction” folder, sub-folder “Pylons”, and need to take additional pics of a new pylon, or a problem, it would be way easier while in that folder to just click a camera icon and shoot the pics I need, with them going straight in to the current folder.

      As it is now, I have to move the pics around from the camera folder.

      Obviously this would also be very useful for family and other types of pics, rather than just the default android method of dumping everything in a camera folder, For example. I could just create a “Little Suzy’s Birthday Party 2022” folder for example, and while there, every shot just goes where I want it!

      The app solves a lot of my wants, this is the only one I see so far that I can’t find.

      Am I asking for the impossible?

      Thank you!

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