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      Hi F-Stop Team,

      First of thanks for great app, been using for a few hours now and there are just three things I’m unable to do that I’d like to be able to:

      1) Moving nesting folders when setting custom order

      Currently it it possible to put images before a nested folder by moving them there with long press. It is not possible to move the nested folder itself unfortunately. This would be a little extra feature to help order nested folders nicely.

      2) Ability to set thumbnails with nested folder view [already requested, just re-iterating]

      Within nested vieew there is option to “Revert thumbnail” and if you’ve set a custom thumbnail in normal folder view, selecting this option in nested view with revert. Nested view however always seems to have a random thumbnail. Can’t even be changed by editing another photo to make it “most recent”.

      3) Ability to select a folder and make it protected [not sure if requested before]

      Currently this only seems to be possible with files, but not folders.

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      1) Able to setting custom order for folders, not just images in nested folders.

      2) Able to set custom thumbnail for nested folders.


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