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      i really enjoy working with the f-stop app, which i found only a few days ago. so i worked a lot with the various features this app offers and which i highly appreciate. and while trying/finding out the media gallery, a few questions came up…

      1. photos to nested album
      is there a way to add photos directly to a a subfolder which does not yet exist?
      so like selecting a few pictures, then move them to an album-path like “animals/cats/kittens” which (partially) does not exist yet?

      2. date search
      is there a way to search for photos that were taken on a specific date, or within a given date range?
      like searching for all photos (media files) that were taken on the “19.03.2018” (or whatever date-format is accepted), or within december 2017?

      3. photos not in (nested) albums
      can i somehow filter for all photos that are not assigned to an album, like the “Untagged” collection in the “Tags” section?

      4. backup
      if i enabled “Always use sidecar“, do i still need a backup to save all the tags and meta data i assigned to an image? or do i need both, the backup and the xmp file to cover all data i would need to restore the f-stop app on e.g. another device?
      Is it furthermore possible to set the backup location to a different path (like one on the sd card) than the default one?

      5. hierarchical tags
      a few posts in this forum are about a feature request for hierarchical tags. any news on that?

      thanks and best regards, nos

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