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      Hello everyone,
      I am testing several gallery apps on Android, as I have decided I’d use a hi-resolution 10 inch tablet as my photo album (and I have shot like 100k+ pictures over the years).
      So I went on, bought a mint Galaxy S 10 inch tablet (2560×1600 screen), and started testing.
      So far, I love F-Stop features, except for the fact that my DSLR files are loaded in “2 passes”. First one shows the image with less detail, and a second pass adds finer detail. I’m fine with that, as I see it also in Samsung’s default gallery, but Samsung has a smarter feature: once it loaded the current picture, it starts loading (caching) the previous and following 2-3 images in the image roll.
      Provided you don’t scroll images at the speed of light, you see the “2 pass loading” only on the first image, and when you swipe to the next or previous image. you get directly the image with all the detail, without having to wait for the 2nd pass appearing. I find this feature EXTREMELY more pleasing than the F-Stop Media standard browsing.
      As I think it’s all a matter of cahing, I hope this can be addressed in the next releases.
      Any answer will be greatly appreciated!
      Keep up the great work!

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      We also do cache left and right images, however in lower resolution. That’s because of memory constraints. Not all devices have a lot of memory. However, since this was implemented, devices have become more powerful, and we do plan to improve this.

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