Thank you. Yeah, I realized that about having to open a sub folder and go back. I did give permission to the whole SD card once I had figured out how.

The problem is worse now. All of a sudden I didn’t see the folders on the SD card at all. So I went true the process of granting access once again. Nothing. Now I can neither read or write to the SD card. I use to load photos from my real camera on the SD card to have them with me. Can’t access them now.

Some other programs have problems with permissions too, not only with the SD card. For example, I use an up that kills unwanted apps that run in the background called KillApps. Worked splendidly on my old phone with android 8. Now all of a sudden it needs permission to use several things, one of them is the Accessibility Service. After saying OK to everything I can run the program a few times without nagging but then it want me to give it permission to those services again! Extremely annoying.

Whereas the new camera app I installed because the android one sucked writes to the SD card just fine after I gave it permission ONCE.

Do you know if this permission trouble is an android 10 “feature”? Or is my new phone f***ked up? I’m totally new to 10 and so far I don’t like it much. Maybe 10 is a bad number. Win10 is no joy either.

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