Thanks for letting us know it all went well. I will post here instructions for others how to move from one device to another.

If you use only basic functionality of F-Stop, then you don’t really need anything special, just copy images to another device and that’s it. If you saved tags/ratings into images, F-Stop will pick up those and everything will be fine.

In case you are using albums or some other functionality, then things can be a bit trickier. What you need to do is use Backup/Restore which you can find in Settings.

The biggest hurdle here is that path to images on SD card on one device won’t be same as path to images on SD card on another device. When you add image to album in F-Stop it will remember path to image. So, if you move this album (via Backup/Restore) to another device, path will be wrong.

That’s why F-Stop small files in each folder with images in order to tell “Restore function” on new device how to handle these folders.

So, what you should do is this:

* Go to “Settings//Backup and Restore” and click on “Prepare folders”. This will create above mentioned small file in each folder.

* Then go to “Settings//Backup and Restore” and click on “Backup”. After setting name click OK. Do not check “Backup thumbnails” as you usually don’t need this.

* Now copy all folders with images from old device to new device. Make sure you also copy those small files which were created.

* On new device install F-Stop.

* Move your backup file to internal storage of new device (not on SD card).

* Open F-Stop and go to “Settings//Backup and Restore” and click on Backup, select your restore file, check “Perform folder migration” and click OK.

That should be all. Hopefully this will help some of you guys.