Hi, I also miss the Webdav support a lot. If adding Cloud-features, then universal Webdav is the most important for me, more than all the commercial and proprietary clouds like Drive, Dropbox etc.

I understand that not every single app can add all the cloud features. It would be more appropriate to have a global filesystem mount for those and all the apps can use that. But with fixed mounted network filesystems it is often blocking on linux when using mobile networks and switching networks a lot. Then there is automount and stuff….
But to be honest for most of the files on my Webdav cloud I’m very happy with the Solid Explorer app. I’m using that for years, and it’s the best file browser for me, supporting all the clouds. I could also browse the pictures there, it has a nice scalable icon preview and a picture viewer addon. But picture file types are special and F-stop is far better on that domain, especially after I purchased the Pro for getting the “Nested folders” feature.

So I would still emphasize, that adding the Webdav functionality to the already existing cloud features in F-Stop would be great.