Hi, perhaps this helps some of you.
Because of this problem, I rename all the pictures und videos I take with my phone to this format: “20160706_150913_orig_name” – automatically. So I can modify them with any tool, it can do wathever it want, but the filename won’t be changed by nearly all tools.

Within fstop I’m using ‘sorting by name descending’. So I haven’t any problem with the timestamp. Even it is irrelevant from the timestamp of the file itself with will be changed by most tools to current time (also copying fotos to a new phone, the file timestamp will be set to the current, new time).

I do this with this nice little app: “DSC Auto Rename”. It take, delayed by about 5 seconds, the exif timestamp to rename the pic. If it hasn’t a timestamp inside, it takes the file-timestamp instead. You can set the folders and filemasks/patterns it should use. Great litte Tool for free. With a gadget It also contains a widget to start renaming with one touch, not only triggered by camera.