Thanks for the feedback. Here are some follow-up comments for future consideration.

Re 1: It would be great to be able to add images to the nested folders in the future. Being able to navigate visually is a big plus for me. However, the real reason that i wanted to use nested folders was so that my hierarchy of picture folders could be preserved instead of presenting them as one long list as is done in the Folder view. Albums are a great way of organizing pictures, but I already have my photos organized into various folders as I like them. If I could create “Folder Albums” where I could add an entire Folder to an album, retaining the folder structure and its sub-contents, then I could get the results I want, but this is pretty much duplicating the function of nested folders, so adding picture icons there would probably be the more logical thing to do.

Re 2: Folder aliases would be similar to symbolic links in UNIX. While this would be nice, I don’t think it is critical. My real problem is with folder sorting. If you could allow for a “Custom” sorting that allowed the user to manually rearrange the order as they saw fit, that would be great.

Re 3: OK concerning actual delete. I ran some tests and wile File Manager is able to create and delete files and folders, F-Stop is unable to do so on the external card (it does work on the internal storage). It asks to give some sort of permission by selecting from the drawer on the left, however there is no content listed for the SD Card. There is a mention that the card needs a “Label”. I’m a UNIX guy and maybe this is a Windows concept. Can you explain what this is and how to go about providing one for the card? Would this resolve the problem of reading and writing?