I’ve checked these settings and I did not have any included or excluded folders selected. I was basically letting it search everywhere.
The .nomedia box was checked so I unchecked it and it then found a few folders with what appeared to be temp files or cache info but still did not reach out to the onboard microSD card or the SD card that is inserted in the keyboard. (The keyboard SD card is where I prefer to keep my images because it is a larger, 64GB, card than the 16GB microSDcard that is inserted into the tablet itself.
One thing I did notice is when I try to add the SD card to the included folders list it is highlighted red and when I selected it anyway it tells me the card is read only and to please only select cards that are in white.
But I open up File Manager and select the SD card and check permissions and all three columns, READ, WRITE and EXECUTE and all three rows, OWNER, GROUP, and OTHERS are selected so I know the card is not a read only card.