Ingo R.

OK, I’ll try to explain it with an example. Let’s assume I have the following directory structure:

|-- Pix
    |-- New
        |-- Camera1
        |-- Camera2
    |-- Best of
        |-- 2013
        |-- 2014

In the settings, in Main > Included folders, I just added sdcard/Pix as base directory. F-Stop now finds all pictures in all subfolders – no problem.
Now I always copy new pictures from the SD cards of my cameras to their respective folders to tag and rate them, before further editing them on my computer (and at some point copy the good ones back to my phone into Best of). For the tagging and rating, I want to create smart albums that show me, for example, all unrated photos from Pix/New/Camera1. But the photos are not directly in that directory, but in the usual DCIM directories e.g. 100_PANA, 101_PANA, and so on. So when creating the smart album, I can’t choose Pix/New/Camera1, because it contains no pictures. I could choose the subfolders, but next time, there will be a new XXX_PANA folder, for which I have to edit the smart album again.
I would like to be able to choose an arbitrary folder, no matter if it contains any pictures itself, and all pictures in this folder and its subfolders are used. Of course, the chosen folder may only be within the ones selected in “Folders to scan”.

Hope this explanation is understandable.
Thank you very much in any case!

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  • This reply was modified 9 years, 4 months ago by Ingo R..