Thank’s for your reply Jason. I know KitKat is hard on dev’s. I’ve been researching the possibility of rooting. Never done it in the past. My new Asus tablet has the intel baytrail proccesor, so less options to root for now. There is a way to do it that I’ve found, but I have to understand the process completely before I attempt it. Asus has put out alot of updates to ease the pain somewhat. Five updates in the past two weeks, and App2sd now works! I doubt that apps writing to sd will happen though. I may have my old tablet repaired (charging port is shot). For now I’m going to just put albums on internal storage, collections of my favorite pictures. It’s not the same as what I’m used to, but that would work for now. I have alot of room at the moment. I love the power of F-Stop for sorting out the best pictures and putting them at your fingertips. Sorting and tagging pictures will probably get done on the PC again.