I have just tested this scenario and it works for me. Couple of notes:
* you need to copy files using F-Stop (which has access to that folder) or built in file manager which can save files anywhere
* since folder “<SDCard_path>/Android/data” usually has “.nomedia” in it, you’ll need to add folder “<SDCard_path>/Android/data/com.fstop.photo” to “Included folders”. Also, when you do that, you’ll need to add your main storage and root of sdcard to “Included folders” too.

I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. We can go step by step and try to find where the problem is.
1) What device do you use?
2) What is your sdcard path?
3) Try using F-Stop to copy just one file into “<SDCard_path>/Android/data/com.fstop.photo”
4) If it fails, what is exact path you are copying to?

BTW, I use Xperia Z3 also, so this should for you too.


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