Hi, this is an old thread but I need some fresh info on this problem.
Like several others, I need to load a large number of images on my external Sd-card, tag them using F-stop (for exporting afterwards), and being on KitKat, I’m unable to do so.

As I understand it, apps on KitKat are no longer allowed to write wherever to the external sd-card, but it does not prevent them from writing to their own designated folders. So, I expect that I should be able to use F-stop (premium v3.2.1) to create a folder on the external sd-card (which would be its own folder with write access), and then be able to edit images that are inside this folder.

However, I am unable to even create such a folder anywhere in extSdCard.
I am using an Xperia Z3 and I see above that the “fix” from v3.1 does not work with some Xperia devices. This here is the bit that I don’t understand.
If this is a global restriction in KitKat, then it should logically not depend on the device and the specific app under question. On the same device, MxPlayer seems to be able to make changes to external sd-card.
So why, then, is F-stop unable to do so?