Scan through thousands of photos instantly.  Whether it’s just a few files or 20,000, F-Stop can handle it all with ease.


Organize using powerful features such as tags, ratings, albums, and favorites.


Make F-Stop look the way YOU want. F-Stop provides many beautiful hand-picked themes but also gives you the option to choose your primary and secondary colors.


Access your images faster than ever before

Not only are your images displayed with lightning fast speed, but you can also access them quicker with a feature we call “Bookmarks”.

Bookmarks allow you to access any folder, tag, rating or album from the convenience of the navigation drawer. There is no need to remember where you saved that last image. It is right there at your fingertips.

Manage your Tags with ease

Use tags to give your pictures more meaning.

Tagging your photos is extremely easy and allows you to quickly find the right image amongst thousands.  You can even write the tags to the image so other programs such as Lightroom and Picasa can read them.

Smart Organization

Let Smart Albums automatically populate albums defined by you.

Smart Albums empower you to just set up some simple rules like “Tags with the word Family” or “Ratings greater than 4 stars” and we take care of the rest by creating an album that updates as your library grows.

Your taste. Your style.

Every person has a unique taste. Choose one of our beautiful themes to express your very own style.

We provide you with a predefined set of gorgeous color themes as well as additional customization for the primary and secondary colors to bring you the best experience and to make sure that the user interface remains in harmony.

Crystal clear. Pixel perfect.

Don’t sacrifice quality because you’re mobile. Enjoy your high resolution images in crystal clarity.